My name is Shelby Wilcox. I’m a graduate student of the Department of Communication, Michigan State University. I am a member of the NOM Lab, and advised by the NOM lab’s PI, Dr. Ralf Schmaelzle.

My research focuses on how a person’s beliefs and social network influences message processing and how message processing predicts memory and behaviors. I am interested in studying messages across contexts such as social media posts, narratives, health campaigns, and interpersonal conversations. Health messages sometimes deeply impact us whereas other times they’re completely forgetable. My research focuses on what makes those messages memorable by examining message effects like counterarguing, face threat, reactance, acceptance, and neural measures like intersubject correlation.

During my undergraduate career, I was able to work under incredible mentors and developed a love for research. That passion has driven me to pursue a career where I can spend my life pursuing my research interests, collaborating with different scholars, and mentoring future researchers.

My short term goals are to continue developing my programming skills (specifically R & Python), learn more statistical and machine-learning tools to analyze brain data, and successfully propose my pre-lim!

I am always looking to collaborate and work with other graduate students/ early career researchers! If you have stumbled across this page and are interested in chatting more, please contact me!

If you’re wondering what I do outside of academia, here are a few things:

  1. Spending time with my dog, Kona.
  2. Finding ways to reduce my waste and be more eco-friendly!
  3. Getting involved with campus or community work.
  4. Reading manga, anything psychological. My all-time fav is Tokyo Ghoul.